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Margolin Development is an Inventive Product    Development company with consultants available around the globe. Rent-An-Inventor™ is also a division where an Inventor/Product Development consultant can be utilized to bring your company to the forefront of technology. Now 27 patents!


Margolin Video Visor for iPhones, Smartphones, Camcorders, point and shoot cameras to reduce the SUN. (Patent)

Margolin Steady Snake Video/Camera Tripod

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Inventor of the Week- MIT
"Curious George" Margolin claims that the key to success as an inventor is, in a nutshell, "Be a child!" By which he means: keep an open and optimistic mind, ask questions, imagine possibilities, and never be afraid to make mistakes. Certainly, Margolin's own career proves that this theory works.


An Inventor Never Grows Up!


  -  Fortune article- A Hollywood inventor protests the patent bill 


George and the Patent Fight published in over 250 papers!

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Glare blocking camcorder/camera stabilizing eye level viewfinder device and method

Heat transfer system with supracritical fluid     PDF

Medical Disposable Unidose Safety Syringe -Great New Product- Animation!

Rent An Inventor™

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Invention Convention Gateway to the World of Inventing. Free-for-All resources at NCIO, America's Inventor Online Magazine, Invention Convention Cyber-Show featuring New Products available for sale.


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